Sunday, August 18, 2013

10) How to work?

Yes,now the question arises that how to work on this field. I will give you some basic directions how to work in this field. To work in this field we have to create various accounts in various sites, just like in pyaza,captcha2cash,mtv,protypers etc. For more information please log on:

9) Suggestions for candidate

        candidates,we should get some information with our seniors to work on this field. Yes, we can do it ourselves but it will be more better to work with guidance of experts,which helps us to learn easily and do our work perfectly. So,if you want that your work be perfect please consult with the experts.

8) Who can do?

A person SLC passed with fluent in english language with basic computer knowledge of age above 18 years can apply and do this work.

7) Investment

No more investment is required. You should only invest in buying a computer or a laptop and paying for the internet connection charge.

6) Required facility

For a online job we need a computer or a laptop with internet connection. We can work with the window phones also but it may be uneasy to work us. But the normal mobiles may not be able to load all data of the site in which we work.
         A master card is needed to get your money that we earned by our work. For master card we can contact at the bank,which is certified as 'A' group. We should create an account in this bank to order a master card.

5) Working areas/office for online job

This work can be done anywhere,where the facility of computer. At home,at offices,at a park,at the waiting places,at school,wherever the place where is the facility of computer and internet, we can create our own office for our work.

4) Qualification required for online job

No more qualification is required. Just a SLC passed candidate with basic computer knowledge can apply for this job. But the candidate should be fluent in English language and should fast in typing.